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Links between projects and products

Project name Started fiscal year Product (Database, Tool)
Life science database project 2011-2013
Acceleration of bridge-building between basic research and clinical research - acceleration for attainment of individual medical care for cancer patient and anticancer agent development utilizing gene expression analysis technology - 2009-2012 Nothing
Basic technology development of protein structural analysis for acceleration of drug discovery research 2008-2011 Nothing
Life science database integration project 2008-2010
BIRD/Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) 2007-2010
KAKENHI (208059) 2007-2008
The project of integrating protein functional analysis-related database and achievement 2006-2006
Functional RNA Project 2005-2009
Genome Information Integration Project (GIIP) 2005-2007
Standardization project of genotype and phenotype database format 2005-2008
development of methods for protein structure and function prediction and application to the DNA sequence of the human genome 2005-2008
Speedy target search and drug development using siRNA expression library. 2003-2007 Nothing
Structure Glycomics Project 2002-2006
Structural Proteomics Project 2002-2008
Microbial monitoring technology in high precision and high sensitivity of the environment 2001-2006 Nothing
Genome Diversity Project 2001-2005
Biological catalysts such as rational use of energy technologies. 2000-2005 Nothing
Full-length Human cDNA Sequencing Project 2000-2002
Speed-up for safety check project of existing chemical substance. 2000-2006 Nothing
Carbon dioxide fixation using bacterium and algae / effective utilization technology development 1990-1999 Nothing