Human-Gene diversity Of Life-style related Diseases (H-GOLD)

NameHuman-Gene diversity Of Life-style related Diseases (H-GOLD)
AliasesGene Diversity DataBase System (GDBS)
DescriptionGenetic polymorphism information relating to model diseases. This site provides two databases and seven (downloadable) analysis tools. At 22th Jun 2012, The archive of GDBS data set opened in LSDB Archive.
Main Institutes of managementMolecular Profiling Research Center for Drug Discovery (molprof), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Country of the InstituteJapan
URL of the site -
Input exampleConsult the descriptions about the two databases and tools. Databases: Genome Viewer, Disease Analytical Results. Tools: gPCR, AStat, POPGAN, Clark, LDConf, RIGHT.
KeywordGene diversity
Amount of the all data for download(Mbyte) | Method to obtain the all data.1650.0|NA
External resources (databases) in building the product.None
Data type, microsatellites, SNP
Biological species in the main concernHomo sapiens [Taxonomy_id: 9606, human]
Conditions of useUnknown
Frequency of updates (in last two years)0
Last date of updates (date of confirmation)2007/00/00 (2019/07/02)
Main IDs used in the productsdbSNP rs# (GemDBJ) | HUGO gene symbol | H-GOLD Marker ID | RefSeq ID | UniGene ID | GeneID
How to make a link to get access to each IDs.None
external databases to which this database/tool have linksUniGene | RefSeq
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Operational StatusClosed