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DescriptionPRRN is a multiple sequence alignment program by doubly nested randomized iterative method. PRRN accepts either nucleotide or protein sequences. PRRN repeatedly uses pairwise group-to-group alignment to improve the overall weighted sum-of-pairs score at each iterative step, where the pair weights are introduced to correct for uneven representations of the sequences to be aligned. The strategies of PRRN work most effectively for refining a crude alignment obtained by other more rapid methods, e.g. progressive alignment. (Summarized from the original site)
Main Institutes of managementGraduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
Country of the InstituteJapan
URL of the sitehttp://www.genome.ist.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~aln_user/prrn/index.html
InterfaceCUI (Character User Interface), Web
InputAmino acid sequence(FASTA format)
Input exampleClick the link of On-line Server.
Keywordmultiple alingment
Amount of the all data for download(Mbyte) | Method to obtain the all data.1.3|Available at the top page.
External resources (databases) in building the product.None
Data typeDNA, amino acid sequences
Biological species in the main concernAll species
Conditions of useNone
Frequency of updates (in last two years)1
Last date of updates (date of confirmation)2010/02/06 (2019/07/09)
Main IDs used in the productsNone
How to make a link to get access to each IDs.None
external databases to which this database/tool have linksNone
Published papers (PubMed IDs)pmid:1747779 | pmid:8324637 | pmid:7804871 | pmid:8590178 | pmid:8980688 | pmid:10463075 | pmid:17137519 | Gotoh, O. (1993) "Extraction of conserved or variable regions from a multiple sequence alignment." Proceedings of Genome Informatics Workshop IV, pp. 109-113. | Yamada, S., Gotoh, O., Yamana, H. (2008) "Improvement in speed and accuracy of multiple sequence alignment program PRIME." IPSJ Trans. Bioinformat., 1, 2-12.
Operational StatusAvailable