AliasesA Comprehensive Species-Metabolite Relationship Database
DescriptionThe KNApSAcK package when installed in the user's computer provides tool for analyzing his/her own datasets of mass spectra that are prepared according to a particular format, as well as for retrieving information on metabolites by entering the name of a metabolite, the name of an organism, molecular weight or molecular formula. A list of metabolites that are associated to a taxonomic class can be obtained by search with the taxonomic name, from which information of individual metabolites can be retrieved. (cited from the original site)
Main Institutes of managementNARA INSTITUTE of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY (NAIST)
Country of the InstituteJapan
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Input exampleClick the link "KNApSAcK Keyword Search". Input the keyword "Arabidopsis" in the text box on the left side of the top page, the push "List" button.
KeywordPlant | metabolite | mass spectra
Amount of the all data for download(Mbyte) | Method to obtain the all data.0.13|Donwload the program archive from the top page.
External resources (databases) in building the product.None
Data typeMetabolite repression mass spectra
Biological species in the main concernPlant
Conditions of useNone
Frequency of updates (in last two years)3 time/year
Last date of updates (date of confirmation)2018/06/29 (2019/07/03)
Main IDs used in the productsC_ID | CAS ID
How to make a link to get access to each IDs.[C_ID]
external databases to which this database/tool have linksN/A
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Operational Statusavailable