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AliasesComputer-Aided Design of LIVing systEms
DescriptionCADLIVE is a system for constructing large-scale biological networks (metabolic andgene regulatory networks) using GUI (Graphic User Interface) and saving them asregulator reaction equations in a database in the format compatible to a simulator.The System consists of the CADLIVE GUI Network Constructor, the Pathway Search Program for Virtual Knockout Mutants, the CADLIVE Grid Layout Program, the CADLIVE Dynamic Simulator, and the CADLIVE Metabolic Engineering Tools. The Network Constructor enables one to construct large-scale biochemical network maps. The Pathway Search Program for Virtual Knockout Mutants explores all possible pathways between two species and can be applied to a knockout mutant. The Grid Layout Program automatically layouts biochemical networks on two-dimensional squared grid. The Dynamic Simulator automatically converts biochemical network maps into dynamic models and simulates their dynamics. The Metabolic Engineering Tools are developed as elementary mode based algorithms.Some part of the system development had been conducted by financial support from NEDO project.
Main Institutes of managementKyushu Insistute of Technology
Country of the InstituteJapan
URL of the sitehttp://www.cadlive.jp/
Input exampleUnknown
Keywordmetabolic engineering | pathway | simulator | elementary mode analysis
Amount of the all data for download(Mbyte) | Method to obtain the all data.12.2|The Softwear is downloadable freely. http://kurata21.bio.kyutech.ac.jp/cadlive/editor/download.html
External resources (databases) in building the product.None
Data typeMetabolite repression
Biological species in the main concernAll species
Conditions of useNone
Frequency of updates (in last two years)0
Last date of updates (date of confirmation)2011/05/23 (2019/07/09)
Main IDs used in the productsNone
How to make a link to get access to each IDs.None
external databases to which this database/tool have linksNone
Published papers (PubMed IDs)pmid:17940089 | pmid:15805500 | pmid:15677705 | pmid:12853624
Operational StatusAvailable