Name Brain Atlas Database of Japanese Monkey for WWW.
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"No brain atlas of a Japanese monkey, which is used widely in these experiments, was made except detail maps of the brain stem. They have made magnetic resonance images as well as histological sections of a Japanese monkey brain. For the purpose of the practical and efficient use of these images, they will construct computer database for WWW, in which we can display, magnify, and compare these images by easy mouse operations. (from original site)"

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Main Institutes of management "Neuroscience Research Institute (NRI), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)"
Country of the Institute Japan
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"Please select the category of your interest on the left side of the site. Graphical image of brain is shown on the right frame. Users can specify ages, and positions."

Japanese monkey | MRI | brain
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Data type "Morphology , MRI image"
Biological species in the main concern
"Macaca fuscata [Taxonomy_id: 9542, Japanese macaque] | Macaca mulatta [Taxonomy_id: 9544, Rhesus monkey] | Homo sapiens [Taxonomy_id: 9606, human]"
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