Name Database for environmental microbiology
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"Collaboration with each local government is indispensable to promote the environmental microbial database project for municipal sewage treatment process. We have established a collaboration system with 16 city sewage treatment plants managed by nine municipalities. We collect sludge samples from activated sludge tanks and digestion tanks about once a month. We regularly collect sludge samples and monitor the diversity of the microorganisms that make up the sludge and the types of genes that these microorganisms develop at the site of treatment. Therefore we would like to use it to investigate the causes of various troubles occurring suddenly in urban sewage treatment facilities. We will make full use of Japan's rich diversity of climate. By analyzing municipal wastewater treatment facilities that operate in various areas of Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa prefecture in the south, it is possible to create new wastewater treatment processes that can deal with various aspects, improve existing processes We are hoping for feedback on technological development aimed at."

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Main Institutes of management National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
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