Name MFSearcher
Aliases Kazusa Molecular Formula Searcher

"Kazusa Molecular Formula Searcher is a RESTful Web service, by which researchers can promptly get possible molecular formulae from accurate mass as a query(cited from original site)."

Type DB
Main Institutes of management Kazusa DNA Research Institute (KDRI)
Country of the Institute Japan
URL of the site
Interface Web service
Input example

KEGG | KNApSAcK | LIPID MAPS | Flavonoid Viewer | PubChem | molecular formulae
Amount of the all data for download(Mbyte) | Method to obtain the all data. 0|None
External resources (databases) in building the product. KEGG | KNApSAcK | LIPID MAPS | Flavonoid Viewer | PubChem
Data type Metabolite repression
Biological species in the main concern
All species
Conditions of use Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
Frequency of updates (in last two years) Every day
Last date of updates (date of confirmation) 2018/11/27 (2019/07/03)
Main IDs used in the products N/A
How to make a link to get access to each IDs. None
external databases to which this database/tool have links


Published papers (PubMed IDs)

pmid:23162084 | pmid:29040459

Operational Status