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"The MCG CNV Database provides copy number variant ( CNV ) and loss of heterozygosity ( LOH ) detected through microarray analyses in healthy Japanese by our in-house BAC-based arrays, so-called MCG arrays1), and SNP array ( illumina, HumanOmniExpress Beadchip ). The MCG CNV Database shows an incidence of CNV and LOH in the Japanese healthy population and can be of assistance to estimate a pathogenicity of CNV or LOH detected in subjects having possible involvement of cryptic genomic aberrations behind their pathogenesis.(cited from original site)"

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Main Institutes of management Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Country of the Institute Japan
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Step1.Push the "Data View" menu on the upper side of the top page.Step2.Click one point on clomosome map figures.

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Data type DNA-polymol array
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"Homo sapiens [Taxonomy_id: 9606, human]"
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