Elderly Behavior Library

NameElderly Behavior Library
DescriptionThe Elderly Behavior Library is a library on elderly behavior developed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in fiscal year 29, which was developed by business related to commerce transaction optimization / product safety (action data acquisition project of elderly people, etc. for the realization of the vintage society). In this project, with the arrival of a super-aged society of ""100 years of life"" approaching, in order to realize an economic and social environment in which the elderly can work for a long time and can live, from the existing economic and social system, We aim to advance correspondence (vintage shift) to a new era in various societies and layers in society, ranging from services and products to be used, so as to produce highly safe product development for the elderly We have acquired and analyzed necessary data. The elderly behavior library collects behavior data (video data and attitude data) for elderly people living in nursing homes and elderly people living in ordinary households, and comprehends physical and cognitive functions, behavior types, behaviors It is related to information such as products related to the library and made it. Behavior data can be searched under the condition of body / cognitive function, behavior type, product related to behavior, etc. By aiming to grasp the behavioral characteristics of the elderly and how to use the products, we aim to use it for developing highly safe products and developing products that support the lives of elderly people.
Main Institutes of managementNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
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