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Project catalog ( 20/20 )

Project name Area Year Purpose
Life science database project Genome Informatics 2011-2013

This project aims to facilitate the research and development in both industry and academia.

Acceleration of bridge-building between basic research and clinical research - acceleration for attainment of individual medical care for cancer patient and anticancer agent development utilizing gene expression analysis technology - Biotechnology / Medical technology 2009-2012

This project serves as an intermediary between basic research results with originally developed gene expression analysis technology and cancer clinicals / anticancer agent development field.

Life science database integration project Genome Informatics 2008-2010

This project aims to facilitate the research and development in both industry and academia.

Basic technology development of protein structural analysis for acceleration of drug discovery research Biotechnology / Medical technology 2008-2011

To accelerate genomic drug discovery, this project developed basic technology for structural analysis of membrane proteins and their complex in cell surface layer, intractive analysis, efficient search of chemical compound candidates for drug discovery by utilizing computational science and lead compounds with high practical utility.

BIRD/Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) Genome Informatics 2007-2010

a novel classification of enzyme catalytic mechanisms has been proposed. In this project, we are trying to develop a system to predict enzyme reactions based on the enzyme reaction classification.

KAKENHI (208059) Genome Informatics 2007-2008

In order to support high-throughput screening for ligands of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) by using bioinformatics technology, we introduce a database (SEVENS) with genome-scale annotation.

The project of integrating protein functional analysis-related database and achievement Genome Informatics 2006-2006

The basal construction of biological information and the spread of the outcome of Functional Analysis of Protein and Research Application project (H12-17) and Genome Diversity Project (H12-17).

Functional RNA Project Genome Informatics 2005-2009

The objective of this project is to establish the leadership of Japan in this research field by developing methods to estimate functional RNAs using bioinformatics as well as supporting techniques and tools for analyzing functional RNAs and analyzing the functions of functional RNAs. Another purpose of the project is to contribute to the creation of new medical/diagnostic business fields through timely utilization of patents based on the results of the project. (cited from the NEDO:Functional RNA Project (http://www.nedo.go.jp/english/activities/portal/gaiyou/p06011/p06011.html))

Standardization project of genotype and phenotype database format Biotechnology / Medical technology 2005-2008

The purpose of this project is to develop integrated use for the genotype and phenotype data base with a big meaning aiming at the achievement of the individual healthcare and the drug administering optimization, etc. by Japan initiation. By that the study results of Japan are promptly sent to the world. In addition, study results all over the world are promptly obtained. Japan Biological Information Consortium (JBIC) has already developed Polymorphism Markup Language (PML) as the OMG standard of genotype data description format under the bio-data standardization project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. And also JBIC has developed the request for proposal ofthe standard description format of genotype-phenotype database.We develop the standard description format of genotype and phenotype database under PML and the request for proposal. We apply it to the Database constructed by the NEDO project, Genomic polymorphism analysis and evaluate the efficacy of it.

Genome Information Integration Project (GIIP) Genome Informatics 2005-2007

# construction of all human gene catalogue # development of annotation technique based on H-InvDB # data integration of disease, gene expression and PPI information

development of methods for protein structure and function prediction and application to the DNA sequence of the human genome Genome Informatics 2005-2008

Under investigation

Speedy target search and drug development using siRNA expression library. Advanced Technology Development Promotion 2003-2007

Development of siRNA expression library and screening system.

Structural Proteomics Project Under investigation 2002-2008

Under investigation

Structure Glycomics Project drug discovery 2002-2006

A computational study of the structure-reactivity relationships in Na-adduct oligosaccharides in the collision-induced dissociation reactions

Genome Diversity Project drug discovery 2001-2005

This project is being undertaken to collect genetic polymorphism information relating to model diseases (such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, eating disorders, cancer, etc.). It also aims to develop a technique to associate disease-related or drug sensitive genes with the differences in their expression, for example, why some people have a particular medical condition such as an allergy and others do not. The results will be used to develop analysis technology and create a useful database. (Ref. http://www.nedo.go.jp/kankobutsu/pamphlets/kouhou/outline2005.pdf (P. 15))1

Microbial monitoring technology in high precision and high sensitivity of the environment green bio 2001-2006

prepairation now.

Full-length Human cDNA Sequencing Project Genome Informatics 2000-2002

The team for Long cDNA sequencing were supplied with libraries prepared by Kazusa DNA Research Institute (Kazusa), mostly 4-5kbplong cDNAs. In this project, total 7,252 clones of full-length human cDNA sequence were determined and 519,000 partial sequence data were also determined.(cited from the reports)

Biological catalysts such as rational use of energy technologies. Lifescience 2000-2005

preparation now

Speed-up for safety check project of existing chemical substance. Chemicals Management 2000-2006

To finish safety check of existing chemical substance (approximately 28,000 categories) widely used in Japan now, we need a flood of times and funds. Therefore, we need to review the safety check project of existing chemical substance excuted in the past. Untill now, acquired data about degradability and accumulation property remain approximately 1,200. Evaluation data about safety is not developed enough.To speed-up safety check of chemical substance which should be tackled as quickly as possible (production, import amount 100 ton / year : about 4,000 substance ), this project develop chemical substance property prediction database with existing data and newly obtained data (about 300 substance) and with Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) .( cited NEDO as of Jan. 25. 2013)

Carbon dioxide fixation using bacterium and algae / effective utilization technology development green bio 1990-1999

To resolve geoenvironmental issue, this project aims at Carbon dioxide fixation at an efficiency of more than photonic synthesis with microscopic organism such as bacterium and algae. And we aims at development of carbon dioxide recycling technology.