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Summary ARMLiPDB is a database of Age Related Expressions of Murine Liver Genes and Proteins.
Data type Gene expression


Summary ARTRA is an Arabidopsis transcriptome and microarray database, which developed by Takara Bio inc, that contains transcriptome sequences and gene-specific sequences for a DNA microarray and RNAi knockdown triggers.
Data type Gene expression microarray


Summary ATTED-II provides predicted cis elements and co-regulated gene relationships in Arabidopsis thaliana to estimate gene functions. Data source of coexpressed genes is publicly available microarray data (58 experiments, 1388 slides) collected by AtGenExpress. Coexpression measure is mutual rank (MR) based on weighted Pearson's correlation coefficients. CoexSearch function is newly supplied as "CoexSearch" in Search menu at Mar 2010. NEDO project products are included in ATTEDⅡ.
Data type Gene expression , microarray, Pathway

Arch GeNet

Summary This database, Arch GeNet, aims at summarizing experimentally identified profiles of expression of individual genes in a thermophilic archaeon, Thermoplasma volcanium GSS1, upon adapting to different environments. In vivo not all genes coded in a genome are used at any moment. While keeping the same genomic information, organisms adapt to different environments by re-selecting appropriate populations of genes. With visual aids Arch GeNet will help understanding the network of genes, which enables environmental adaptation.
Data type Gene expression

Brain Atlas Database of Japanese Monkey for WWW.

Summary No brain atlas of a Japanese monkey, which is used widely in these experiments, was made except detail maps of the brain stem. They have made magnetic resonance images as well as histological sections of a Japanese monkey brain. For the purpose of the practical and efficient use of these images, they will construct computer database for WWW, in which we can display, magnify, and compare these images by easy mouse operations. (from original site)
Data type Morphology , MRI image


Summary CELLPEDIA is a database for human cells, exhaustively collecting various types of information on cells. With a systematic classification of more than 2,000 cells based on their physical locations, each entry is organized with three types of basic information: cell morphological information with ontology, gene expression information, and related document information on cell differentiation, providing users all information requied for cell study at once (cited from original site).
Data type Cell

CGH Data Base

Summary CGH Database is a database for array CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization)analysis data of various cancer cell lines. NEDO project products is includes in CGH Data Base.
Data type Disease-cancer


Summary CellMontage is a system for searching gene expression databases for cells or tissues similar to the query gene expression profile. The similarity of two profiles is computed by comparing the order of genes ranked by expression.
Data type Gene expression , Cell, Tissue

Chemical Risk Information Platform

Summary CHRIP has been developed as part of the "Foundation of Safety Management Infrastructure for Chemical Substances" based on "The Intellectual Infrastructure Installation Project" of METI. You can search the comprehensive information on a target chemical substance (information on hazardous property/hazard assessments or regulations, etc.) by entering its number or name as a keyword
Data type Chemical compound chemical substance

Chemical hazard assessment document

Summary Chemical hazard assessment document is the data only briefly summarizes the main points of "written hazard assessment of chemical substances" has been published by NITE. By simplifying, we can provide a clue to the approximate overhead view that a hazard to quickly determine the risk of chemical substances. The data has been classified CAS number , PRTR number and materials name.
Data type Chemical compound